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One of the biggest challenges for any business is to create a strong name for itself, a challenge made even harder when the industry is as competitive and fast-paced as crypto. The businesses that not only survive, but thrive, tend to be those that establish a solid track record of reliability, trustworthiness and constant implementation of a customer-first approach.

When Instacoins was founded in 2018, it was done so with a straightforward mission: to simplify Bitcoin purchases for everyone, offering a secure and user-friendly gateway into digital currencies. Fast forward to the present, and the company is just about to achieve the significant milestone of 1 million completed purchase transactions on its platform.

In response to this, Instacoins Director Jean Paul Bonnici said

“During the last 5 years, the company evolved from a start up to a well established player in the cryptocurrency space. Reaching the ‘1 million completed purchases’ mark is one of the key milestones that many companies strive to achieve. And for us, this is just the beginning. We will continue to widen our range of services, and look forward to serving a whole new demographic of clientele not only when it comes to buying Bitcoin, but also with our over-the-counter service and our upcoming crypto Travel Portal”.

The reason the company has proven to be highly popular with clients is its simple interface, coupled with quick onboarding and 24/7 customer support. Additionally, Instacoins accepts a wide range of currencies – currently EUR, USD, GBP, AUD, CAD, CHF, CZK, NOK and ZAR, allowing people from all around the world to purchase Bitcoin.

The company also offers a wide range of payment methods. Most recently, Instacoins introduced its new open-banking feature, which allows customers to buy Bitcoin using digital banking giants Wise and Revolut. Customers can also make purchases using debit and credit cards, via traditional bank or wire transfers, and through e-wallets Skrill or Neteller. Furthermore, Instacoins will be releasing more payment options over the coming weeks and months, giving customers even more accessibility and convenience.

To mark the upcoming milestone of one million completed Bitcoin purchases, Instacoins is doing a series of prize giveaways to give back to the crypto community for the trust they have shown, including travel vouchers and Bitcoin rewards.

More information on the giveaway can be found here:

Instacoins Over-The-Counter & Institutional Services

In 2020, Instacoins expanded its portfolio by establishing its very own institutional services desk. Acknowledging the need for more bespoke trading options for merchants, enterprise clients and high-net-worth individuals, this service was introduced precisely to facilitate medium to large volume crypto to fiat transactions.

Instacoins’ signature product under this umbrella is their classic OTC desk. Many clients opt to use it as a traditional trading service, allowing them to liquidate or stock up on large amounts of crypto assets. When compared to other OTC services, Instacoins have some of the lowest rates and trading threshold in the industry, meaning that clients can have access to these benefits without having to pay the large fees that would normally be associated with traditional exchanges.

Trading options include not only Bitcoin, but also other popular crypto assets such as Ethereum and Litecoin and stablecoins such as USDT and USDC.Each client has their own dedicated account manager and direct messaging access, to make sure that trades are executed in a timely, efficient and highly personalized way.

In addition to this, Instacoins recently deployed a web application for their OTC Desk, meaning that clients now have access to a 24/7 platform where they can opt to make trades themselves with no minimum trading thresholds. This adds an extra layer of convenience and flexibility for clients wishing to make use of the service.

Business Growth Opportunities For Merchants

As part of their portfolio of corporate services, Instacoins also offers merchants in high-ticket industries the ability to accept crypto payments on their clients’ behalf, all while facing zero price risk, and without having to handle any cryptocurrency themselves or add any extra overhead to their current operations. Instacoins currently provides such services for businesses from a wide variety of industries such as private aviation, online gaming and e-commerce.

These companies have all responded to the increased demand from their user base to pay for goods and services using crypto, and using Instacoins OTC allows them to expand their revenue and client base while avoiding the logistical and regulatory hassle of setting up their own cryptocurrency payment systems.

Network Referral Program

Instacoins also offers a highly attractive referral program, whereby individuals and businesses who refer a new client to the OTC service will then receive a percentage of all trades made by that client in perpetuity. Fostering connections and enabling networks to develop and intertwine is part of the bedrock on which Instacoins is building for the future.

For any OTC related queries, you can visit, or send an email to

The Road Ahead: Q4, 2024… and Beyond

Keeping in line with its ethos of innovation and progress, Instacoins is now gearing up to launch its brand new Travel Portal in the coming weeks. This service will allow users to purchase flight tickets to any destination around the world using Bitcoin, and eventually to be able to make hotel bookings as well, with the aim of continuing to solidify and legitimize cryptocurrency as an easy and secure payment method for everyday life, and not simply as a store of value.

Project Manager Kris Farrugia said

“Travel has evolved very quickly from being a commodity to becoming an absolute necessity. Merging a continuously evolving industry like Crypto, to a necessity like Travel, is a match made in heaven. Industries which continue to be innovative and look at the future, and Instacoins is evolving in the same manner.”

Instacoins‘ Travel Portal is currently in beta testing mode. Stay tuned for the official launch in December by following our dedicated travel portal Instagram page (

The travel portal is just one of many new services that Instacoins is preparing to release in the near future, with many more projects currently under development and gearing to be released in 2024. On this topic, director Jean Paul Bonnici said “2024 will be the best and most anticipated year for us as we keep striving to make Instacoins the prime marketplace for all things crypto, and to provide our customers with the best products and services in the cryptocurrency ecosystem”.

Connect With Instacoins

Businesses or individuals who wish to discuss new areas of collaboration with Instacoins can get in touch via email, phone, or speak to them in person at the World Travel Market London in November 2023 where they will be in attendance.

To stay up to date with new features, releases, prize giveaways as well as regular educational and op-ed content from Instacoins, you can follow their social media profiles on Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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Director : Jean Paul Bonnici
Head Of Compliance : Andrew Martinelli
Project & OTC Manager : Kris Farrugia


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