Fr. Jun 9th, 2023

Cryptofin Conference 2019


Event Details

If you want to keep pace with the times or take interest in innovations and blockchain technology, as well as in alternative opportunities for financial instruments and the future of the banking sector, then you can’t miss this event.

At the two-day CryptoFin conference, the best speakers are waiting for you to share their ideas, knowledge and vision of market trends.

The CryptoFin international conference will bring together the key figures of the financial sector and become the best networking platform for the market leaders and start-up companies. The CryptoFin format includes a rich program of speeches by experts and market leaders and networking events that will contribute to the establishment of partnerships for further development, including the largest exhibition and an all-in afterparty. We will have panel discussions, startup pitches and much more.

2 days of quality content
30+ speakers
700+ participants
50+ exhibitors

CryptoFin Conference offers:

  • the most relevant knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency, blockchain and alternative banking;
  • real case-studies from market gurus;
  • possibility to announce yourself and find investors to support your ideas;
  • new tools to promote your business;
  • best networking for market leaders and start-ups;

The main themes of the conference will be:

  • Blockchain as a tool in modern business model
  • The future of cryptocurrencies
  • New era of banking
  • Marketing for alternative financial industry
  • Main trends in regulation and security field

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